Monday, August 31, 2009

The tooth fairy is scary

Today was Gryphon's first day of kindergarten.  In preparation, last night we picked out her clothes, packed up her backpack, talked about what she would take for lunch, and just generally got ourselves overly excited.  When morning finally came, it was lovely and cool outside - it FELT like the first day of school should. . . except of course that Gryphon awoke with a full on case of the Gryphon grumpy's.  She's been feeling badly on and off for a few days, with minor fevers now and again mainly in the afternoon, but I hadn't thought much of it.  In fact, I was convinced that at least some it it was growing pains (see the last paragraph here).  So, like a good mother, I doped her up on Tylenol, fed her, clothed her, and sent her on her way.

With the morning to ourselves, Fletcher and I had a grand old time.  Which led to her going to nap a bit late, which meant of course that she got pretty pissy when I had to wake her up from nap a bit early.  All because selfish mommy needed to get mason jars from Logan Hardware (thanks for the tip Lana ) in order to jam and can some of the big bag of beautiful peaches  I bought last weekend from the Bloomingdale Farmer's Market .  
I know, I digress, but for a good reason.  Outside the hardware store was a street musician playing the saxophone.  Fletcher was enthralled.  I mean really enthralled.  We stopped to listen for a second on our way in to the store, and on our way out Fletcher dropped a dollar in his case.  At which point he stopped what he was doing, said thank you, then serenaded her with a wonderful rendition of 'Summertime'.  She was glued to the spot, swaying with the music.  A whole crew of folks stopped and watched because really, it was a great image.  (Of course, my camera was in the car.)  And, like a good little audience member, she applauded when he finished.
Tangent complete.
So off we went to pick up Gryphon.  And out she came with another case of the grumpy's, and a fever to boot.  Her loose tooth was hurting, her head was hurting, and she was a tired tired girl.  So, like a good mother, I doped her up with Tylenol again, called the pediatrician and left a message, and tried to figure out a way to get her to get that damned tooth out of her mouth!  I kept worrying that it was going to fall out at some inopportune moment and she would either swallow it, choke on it, or lose it.  So, the google on the interwebs became my guide. . . ah the stupidity.  Finally I stumbled upon this page, with a passel of generally irrelevant suggestions considering how far gone this tooth looked.  But suggestion number four proved to be a winner.  
Offer your child some salt water to swish around their mouth. If the tooth is already very loose, it may fall out. Play a game of swish and spit with plain water, flouride mouth rinse or salt water.
Now we know that Gryphon has some serious phobias.  Anything that tastes remotely of any  flavor, other than something sweet, is totally off the cards, so we used plain old tap water.
And voila!  
So, I'm thinking, whew, excellent, great, done, maybe she'll be all fine tomorrow.  Then the pediatrician's office calls and says, "It sounds like she might have a tooth abscess.  You should bring her in.  Now."  And I get paranoid and darling Cecily takes Fletcher, and Gryphon and I undertake what is generally considered a trip designed to turn even the sanest one of you into a lunatic - that is, the drive from central DC to Falls Church, VA, via I395S and I66W, at 5:30pm on a weekday.  The 11 mile trip took just under an hour.  And several minutes off my projected lifespan.
So, long and short, we didn't have an abscess, but a sore throat instead.  But no strep throat, apparently, which is a really good thing, because then all the good mother crap I've been tossing around would have been a real crock, because who send their kid to the first day of kindergarten with strep throat?  Definitely not a good mother. . . 
The cherry on top of this sundae of a day - which, you'll remember, included the first day of kindergarten, a serenade by a saxophonist, a fever of nearly 103 (oh, I hadn't quite mentioned that, huh?), a mad dash to the pediatrician -  is that Gryphon is apparently afraid of the tooth fairy.  She grilled me in the car on the way back from the pediatrician, "But, what IS the tooth fairy?  How does she know to come?  Do girls get girl tooth fairies and boys get boy tooth fairies?  What is she going to do to me?  How will I know she has come?  No, really mommy, WHAT IS SHE GOING TO DO TO ME?????"  Given that my mother wrote and illustrated a book about the tooth fairy that Gryphon and I have read together countless times, Gryphon's freak out was a bit of a shock.

So, Gryphon's newly lost tooth is currently under MY pillow.  I hope the tooth fairy brings ME something.


wanda staton said...

Liz didn't your mother write a wonderful story about the tooth fairy.?// i miss you guys. love Wanda

Elizabeth said...

Wanda, no kidding! But for some reason, I couldn't get Gryphon to connect the tooth fairy who was coming tonight and the Serina from mom's book! bizarre. . .

IMGoph said...

i have a long, interesting tooth fairy story, but i'll cut it short here.

basically, we were at a popeye's in brunswick, GA, where we lived at the time. my tooth came out eating chicken, i put it on my tray, and then forgot about it and threw it out.

on the way home, i freaked out, and mom took us back to the restaurant. she talked to the manager, and he said we could look in the dumpster if we wanted (that just sounds crazy thinking about it now).

finding nothing, we went home, and i got the bright idea to write a long letter to the tooth fairy explaining where to find the tooth. i put that under the pillow, and woke up to find $5 the next morning. best tooth haul ever!

AM said...

Hi Liz!

My Mom forwarded your blog to my Mom and she in turn forwarded to me! Looks like you guys are doing well! The girls are beautiful! I hear you are moving to Australia - very exciting! I would still really love to get together seeing that I have seen you since one of the last times you visited Cleveland at the Cane Park Arts festival. If you ever have time on a Thurs or Friday we could get together with the kids - we are not far from you in Old Town Alexandria. Email me if you are interested:

Hope to hear from you soon!
Anne Marie (Materna) Hauer