Thursday, August 27, 2009

Potty time! Excellent!

Several months ago, Fletcher showed signs of being ready to potty train.  If I let her walk around naked, she would come tell me to put her 'britches' on her when she needed to pee.  So I started putting her on the potty and reading books to her.  And she wouldn't go.  And she wouldn't go.  And she wouldn't go.  Then she started to get resentful of getting put on the potty, and would hop off and pee on the floor.  So, we stopped.  

But lately she's shown an interest again. . . so we've been talking about the potty.  Today, SHE DID IT.  Peed on the potty!  Woo hoo!  Awesome!  Excitement!  

Now, one might think that I am excited because my darling lady is hitting a monumental milestone, learning new things, and growing up.  Or maybe that I was tired of changing diapers all the time - which is true, but when you've been doing it for five years straight like I have, you have it down to an art form.  

But no.  Really, I am just so excited at the prospect of not spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars a year on diapers.  

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