Friday, May 17, 2013

Let's try this again

Over three years ago, I said I would actually start writing again.  Then I didn't.  Oops.

Many many things have happened in the past three years.  That shouldn't be all that surprising.  Three years is a pretty long time in the life of a growing family.

It would be take too long and be pretty boring if I tried to tell you everything, but I think we have to at least hit the milestones.

  • Unsurprisingly, the girls got bigger. Lots bigger.
  • My dad lived for just over a year after being diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme - a very aggressive brain tumor.  My sister, his girlfriend and I held his hands as he died.
  • I started a new job.  I did not like it much. After almost two years, I quit.  I do not have much interest in working another 9-5 job again.  I am not sure what is next, but I will figure it out eventually.
  • I started riding a bike.  A big bike.  One of these.  And that means that I joined a club of slightly insane folk sometimes referred to as 'mama bikers'.  I would almost always prefer to bike than drive around DC, especially with the girls in tow.  But I can do the grocery shopping on the bike too.
  • We took the girls to Mexico.  We stayed in a villa over a beautiful secluded beach.  The girls jumped and played in the waves, and Darling Husband surfed. The surf teacher also took Fletcher out on his board, and rode her in on the waves. She loved it.  Oh, and we swam in a brackish lagoon with phosphorescent algae.  That was incredible.
  • Both girls learned to ice skate.  Pretty well actually.  Fletcher now plays ice hockey, and Gryphon is spinning and starting to jump like a good little figure skater.  I spend entirely too much time at the ice rink.  
  • I was elected to the board of the newly independently incorporated parent association of the girls' school.  Though I had high hopes at first, my term will be up this fall and I cannot wait.
  • My mom died.  This is still quite raw and hard to think about, much less write about.  She fought the cancer like the bold woman she was, and made the decision to stop fighting with grace and beauty.  The very last time she came out of her room and down the stairs was the day that the girls and I arrived to stay with her until the end.  She wanted to see them in their new treehouse.  I will make sure that they always know that she gathered the strength to come out into the world one more time just for them.  She died in her home on the Fourth of July last year.  I still feel lost without her.
  • Two months later, our third daughter was born.  Eaven Viola was a little quick on the draw, making an appearance just a couple of hours after I realized I was in labor.  She was born at home (planned), while the midwife was stuck in notorious DC traffic talking on the phone with Darling Husband.  I caught her myself (not planned), and she is beautiful.  
  • We took the girls skiing for the first time.  Gryphon and her friend Lily conquered the mountain like big girls - I wrote our names and phone numbers on their forearms in permanent marker and sent them on their way.  (Having big kids is fun!)  I took Fletcher down the mountain with me, and every time I told her to slow down, she fell.  When I finally just told her to go for it, she pointed her skis down the mountain and took off.  I caught up with her at the bottom.  Swimming, skating, skiing - my six year old is officially an adrenaline junkie.
  • I've worked on some local political campaigns.  I've become a little too active in issues of urban planning and development, and local politics and governance.  Between mama bikers and politics, I've found a couple interesting communities, online and IRL, that I thoroughly enjoy being a part of.
  • We are going to do a major, overwhelming and long overdue renovation of our house this year. 
So, I'm writing again.  But what am I going to write about?  The girls of course, our adventures in cycling, and our road into and hopefully out of renovation hell.  But I expect to include a healthy dose of hyper-local politics and development as well.  Hopefully I'll still have something interesting to say.

Friday, March 19, 2010

um, hibernation over?

I have apparently been in hibernation for the last, oh, five months or so.  Sorry about that.  But, hey! Spring has sprung!  

Here's an unnecessary roundup of our glorious winter:

  • I had a birthday.  Another one.  Not that I really wanted another birthday.  But it happened nonetheless.
  • Ben turned FORTY - and I successfully pulled off a surprise party (please, pat me on the back.  Thanks!)
  • We got a pair of kittens!  And we have yet to, three months later, agree on names.  I call them Orange and Grey.  Orange is a cuddly boy.  Grey has stinky farts, but she's trying to earn her keep by sitting in front of the oven, waiting for mice to emerge.  Good girl.
  • Christmas was awesome.
  • Then it snowed.  It snowed lots and lots.  And we played in it.  And then we got pretty tired of snow.  (Um, yeah, as you can see, I have been completely relying on Cecily tell the internet about my kids.  Thanks, Cec!)
  • Fletcher turned THREE!  (I have video!  I will edit!  And post at some point! I promise!)
  • And now, spring has sprung!  Am I getting repetitive?  
  • One week from tomorrow, we're heading to see the great mouse himself.  OMG!  Our little monsters might just jump out of their skin with excitement!
So, more soon.  Promise, ok?  Mwah!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two year olds are utterly insane

Fletcher is particularly insane these days.  I kind of hate to say it, but until very recently Fletcher has been 'the easy one'.  She was always chipper and cheerful and generally good natured.  Gryphon, on the other hand, has been the more 'difficult child', if one had to put a name on it.  But over the last six weeks or so, the roles have completely reversed!  I'm not sure what triggered it, but suffice to say that Gryphon is now pretty responsive, helpful, adorable and happy, while Fletcher screams bloody murder if I choose the wrong shoes for her, throws a screaming fit if I ask that she accompany me from point A to point B and she doesn't particularly want to at that moment, and at completely inopportune moments looks at me over her shoulder with a cheeky grin and sprints away.
So, as I said, she is insane.  And when she's not getting enough attention, she gets certifiable, albeit sometimes in a terribly adorable way.  Tonight, as Gryphon was finishing her dinner, Fletcher was running around being, well, just goofy.  But Gryphon and I were chatting about her day at school, so nobody was paying attention to Fletcher's goofiness.  So of course, she felt the need to ratchet it up a notch.
So she ran full tilt from the living room to the dining room, with her eyes squeezed shut.  Inevitably, she ran full tilt straight into the wall.  
She screamed bloody murder of course.  And it was all I could do not to laugh.  I picked her up and cuddled her, calming her down after about five minutes of hugs and attention.  I explained to Gryphon that this was an object lesson - Do Not Run With Your Eyes Closed.  Period.  She asked "Did Fletcher really run into the wall because her eyes were closed?" 
"Why yes", I said.
Gryphon looked at me a moment, and with a slight grin, said, "Mommy, I saw you smiling."

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Parents are stupid

Today was a glorious fall day.  One of those days that you wait all summer for, a day that you dream about in the depth of cold and grey March.  All four of us spent hours at the local farmers' market, parents drinking too much coffee and letting the girls get too dirty.  Follow that with a birthday party for a friend of the girls, the fence getting fixed, and an amazing dinner with our best of grown-up friends, and all in all it was a day that you want to bottle up and put in your pocket and sell for millions of dollars.
But a day like that makes for very tired girls.
After a near total meltdown and a promise that Darling Husband would carry all 45 pounds of Gryphon home, we set off for home at 10pm (BAD MOMMY).  While we were walking, Gryphon inquired about why there was a cat walking down the sidewalk without its family all alone AT NIGHT.  Darling Husband started to explain "cats see really well at night, kind of like people see during the day, so their night is like our day, their day is like our -"
Gryphon interrupts and deadpans "Oh, cats are nocturnal."
Um, yeah.  

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sisters, revealed

The looks on their faces are truly priceless, don't you think?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's official. . .

Fletcher is taking this whole potty thing very seriously now.  
The one drawback of her wonderful new trick, though, is that whenever I go to the bathroom now, she comes running in, watches me pee, and then proclaims with great gusto, "I'm so PROUD of you!!!!!"

Monday, September 7, 2009


I hope that Fletcher doesn't start sucking her big toe as much as Gryphon sucks her thumb.  That would get uncomfortable.