Sunday, October 11, 2009

Parents are stupid

Today was a glorious fall day.  One of those days that you wait all summer for, a day that you dream about in the depth of cold and grey March.  All four of us spent hours at the local farmers' market, parents drinking too much coffee and letting the girls get too dirty.  Follow that with a birthday party for a friend of the girls, the fence getting fixed, and an amazing dinner with our best of grown-up friends, and all in all it was a day that you want to bottle up and put in your pocket and sell for millions of dollars.
But a day like that makes for very tired girls.
After a near total meltdown and a promise that Darling Husband would carry all 45 pounds of Gryphon home, we set off for home at 10pm (BAD MOMMY).  While we were walking, Gryphon inquired about why there was a cat walking down the sidewalk without its family all alone AT NIGHT.  Darling Husband started to explain "cats see really well at night, kind of like people see during the day, so their night is like our day, their day is like our -"
Gryphon interrupts and deadpans "Oh, cats are nocturnal."
Um, yeah.  

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