Friday, March 19, 2010

um, hibernation over?

I have apparently been in hibernation for the last, oh, five months or so.  Sorry about that.  But, hey! Spring has sprung!  

Here's an unnecessary roundup of our glorious winter:

  • I had a birthday.  Another one.  Not that I really wanted another birthday.  But it happened nonetheless.
  • Ben turned FORTY - and I successfully pulled off a surprise party (please, pat me on the back.  Thanks!)
  • We got a pair of kittens!  And we have yet to, three months later, agree on names.  I call them Orange and Grey.  Orange is a cuddly boy.  Grey has stinky farts, but she's trying to earn her keep by sitting in front of the oven, waiting for mice to emerge.  Good girl.
  • Christmas was awesome.
  • Then it snowed.  It snowed lots and lots.  And we played in it.  And then we got pretty tired of snow.  (Um, yeah, as you can see, I have been completely relying on Cecily tell the internet about my kids.  Thanks, Cec!)
  • Fletcher turned THREE!  (I have video!  I will edit!  And post at some point! I promise!)
  • And now, spring has sprung!  Am I getting repetitive?  
  • One week from tomorrow, we're heading to see the great mouse himself.  OMG!  Our little monsters might just jump out of their skin with excitement!
So, more soon.  Promise, ok?  Mwah!