Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Catch up

Yes, I have been a slacker.  Apologies.  Six weeks without writing is a bit of a problem.  See, I have all of these incidents in my head that I MEANT to write about, ideas that I've MEANT to flesh out, pictures that I've MEANT to post.  And with each one that passes that I don't get around to posting, it becomes more difficult to write the next one, because I think "Oh!  I should write about that thing that happened three weeks ago that I meant to write about then before I write about the thing that happened today!"  And then I write about neither.

So, I'm here to play catch up.  In brief:
  • Both girls are swimming.  Like fish.  Underwater.  And Fletcher still has no fear.
  • Gryphon went to Nana and Monkey's house for a week.  She had lots of fun and rode a horse and went to the safari park and went to a 3D movie and generally got to do whatever she wanted which was awesome until she came back.  Real life catching up with her, like not being able to do pretty much exactly what she wanted to do exactly when she wanted to do it was a bitch.  But considering the amount of fun she had, I say it was worth it.
  • Fletcher gave up her dummy.  Actually, I think in the end it was me that gave it up.  Amusingly, she did not seem to have much of a problem letting it go.  Apparently it was just my addiction to being able to instantly quiet her down on the bus or in the museum that kept it around.  As a result though, she's talking.  A lot.  And singing.  A lot.
  • Gryphon was back at school camp for two weeks.  Chinese is coming along incredibly.  She keeps translating things for me.  
  • Fletcher lives on a pure protein and carbohydrate diet.  It is beginning to worry me.
  • Gryphon has her first loose tooth.  A very loose tooth.  Is there some sort of initiation process with kids where they are taught by their slightly older peers that when a tooth is really loose, it is really cool to wiggle it, push it, click it, and generally go bizarre things with it using their tongue?
  • Fletcher saw her first movie in a movie theater yesterday.  Ponyo.  Go see it.  It will make you smile.
  • I might have a part-time work at home gig managing a Capitol Hill dog walking service.  Maybe.  Woo hoo!
  • The part-time gig is important because man the economy sucks and our house value has plummeted and we need the cash!
  • Darling Husband leaves for Burning Man on Friday morning.  I have a week of just me and the girls, the first day of kindergarten, and maybe a job starting, all without adult backup.  Yikes!
  • My dad had a hole drilled in his head this morning.  We don't know yet what they found.  
OK, there.  That is my update.  I will be more prolific moving forward.

As for that thing that I wanted to write about today that I couldn't write about because there was the giant backlog of things that I hadn't gotten around to write about that I somehow managed to put into bullet points above?

Gryphon looks positively chubby at the moment.  Like, stocky.  Now, compared to other children, she still looks like a wisp of a child, but for her, she looks huge!  And she's been taking naps for the last two days.  Unbidden, just put herself down for naps.  And she told me yesterday that her body hurt.  You know what this means don't you?  Sometime in the next couple weeks I expect that she will, overnight, grow three inches.  

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure glad to hear you say it's worth it; we sure love her and love having her here. The house goes to the devil, and I get to act like a five-year old for a week (at least to the extent my old body can take it), and Nana is happy as can be. Pretty special.