Tuesday, May 5, 2009

rainbow chocolate cookies

In the car coming home from school today, Gryphon started telling me all about someplace she could get 'rainbow chocolate cookies' - talking the way only a five year old can (and I must admit that I was only somewhat listening. . . BAD MOMMY!).  

When she finally drew my attention away from the bad drivers that make up the norm in my dear DC, she was saying "Mommy, the tower!  You have to take me to the tower!  Isabella told me that she had 'rainbow chocolate cookies' at the place with the tower, and that there is one more left JUST FOR ME!"

"What tower are you talking about, honey?" I answered.

"The tower, Mommy!" Apparently I was being dense.  "The tower back there, Mommy!"

"Which one???"  I looked out my rear view mirror trying to figure out where she was talking about.

"Mommy!"  True five year old exasperation!  "The big tower building where the baby Jesus is supposed to live!"

Ah, the perspective of a child living in a decidedly non-religious household in a hyper-religious world.


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