Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

After dinner tonight, Gryphon asked me for 'a treat'.  I presented her with the CUTEST heart shaped sugar cookie that we brought home from a Valentine's Day Tea Party with some of her school friends.  

Now, if you aren't aware, Gryphon is a Very Picky Eater.  Always.  If a chicken nugget is too brown, she will not eat it.  If a blueberry is slightly squishy, she will not eat it.  If a carrot is not long and thin, she will not eat it.  If a sandwich is not cut in the right way (and the right way is different each day), she will not eat it.  If a cookie is broken, she will not eat it.  You get the idea.  

And most pertinent to this story, she usually likes to eat just the icing off cake, cupcakes, iced cookies, etc.  

So after bringing her the cookie I went back to the kitchen to clean up.   All the sudden I heard Gryphon's anguished cry from the dining room.  'What's wrong?' I asked as I made my way back to the dining room.  'I was trying to eat the icing off the cookie, but I couldn't get it off.  The cookie keeps breaking!

'My HEART is BROKEN!!!!!!'

Needless to say, Gryphon did not finish her cookie.

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